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Doing Something About It

This blogpost is a departure from my normal doom and gloom. Instead it is a message of positivity and kindness. It’s a way to care for yourself and to mind your wellness. How will I accomplish this? Easy. I’m giving you a different website to visit.

Now, I’ve mentioned this website before when I described some of my worst struggles with depression, but I’ve been remiss in continuing to encourage you to read Kathy’s blog. Kathy and I met in medical school. She’s a great friend and an amazing person who does the doctor game while raising two beautiful kids and training for multiple Ironman Marathons. As has always been the case since we’ve met she is as positive as I am negative, and our blogs reflect this dichotomy.

Kathy actually has ways to change your situation. I just describe. I’ve written, it seems endlessly, about depression. I’ve written about brushes with suicide. I’ve written about living with depression. I’ve written about choosing survival over suicide. Mostly I’ve described, painting with broad strokes, offering you impressions of what it’s like inside the mind of a Crazy. I’ve even in the face of futility, attempted to explain some of the why, answers to which I myself remain hopelessly ignorant. I’ve provided so much of the “what” while offering very little of the “how” when it comes to living with mental illness. One such “how”, is wellness. Techniques of knowing ones self genuinely caring for one’s self with the intent to be well––these are things I had completely neglected somewhere along the way.

Kathy’s site is a roadmap to wellness. Hers prepares, prevents, and provides all the tools to avoid the “what”. Whether it’s mindfulness, nutrition or exercise, she gives action items as readily as I describe futility. It’s inspiring, informational, and most of all an important step towards being kind to ourselves. Lack of these tools leads to the opposite. The absence of this kindness feeds mental illness. So go to Kathy’s site. Be well. Be kind to yourself. (We’ll return to my usual message of gloom and doom, soon enough…)

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