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A New Beginning, A New Mission

Last week I gave a talk to the Yale Club of Oregon/Southwest Washington. It was a lunchtime talk with a small-ish crowd that allowed for discussion afterward. I apologize for the video quality; basically I set my phone up on a table and pushed RECORD. The whole presentation was recorded but it's video is not quite ready for prime time yet. The video is 1 hour long, but the talk is only 35 minutes. The other 25 minutes are the Q&A (for which by the way I was not as prepared as I probably should have been) with the audience and it's overall a nice discussion.

The separate link is here.

And really that's what it's all about. Discussion. Conversation. Getting people to open up about it, and folks did. As my talk states, we talk about talking about it all the time. We even tell and implore people to talk. But no one actually does. Silence continues. Stigma continues. Suffering continues.

So I'm starting a new thing. I'm just going to talk. I'm hoping there'll be people to listen. Otherwise it's just me in an echo chamber, and heck, I've got my own brain for that. My new thing is actually a thing. It will have a website and a way to contact me so I can start conversations in your neck of the woods. No really, I wish to come and speak for you and the people in your neck of the woods. I have a lot of talking to do and conversations to start.

This is also my way of apologizing for the lack of content on this blog. For those of you who have noticed this lack of content, I will say it all stems from my working on the new business and new website. The announcement for the new website is coming very soon, so watch this space, as they say in the biz. Meantime, when I get free I'll try to post more, but writing is one thing. Talking is another. And right now, there's talking to be done.

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