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Dr. Leonard T. Su is a (semi)-retired Vascular Surgeon who in his state of mind found it fascinating to create a blog about the results of untreated mental illness. His is a mission of bringing physician mental illness (and indeed anyone's mental illness) out of the shadows, out of hiding and out into the open. It has taken him months since his mind and his career broke. It has taken him those months realize that there was a reason all of this happened. That reason would be the impetus for this blog and for his pursuits.

His main interests are his family: wife, Rebecca; daughter, Rachael; son Aidan; and dog Toby. He also has an interest in painting, drawing, improv, stand-up comedy, public speaking, and stage appearances of any sort. And a certain professional baseball team from Seattle that both fills his heart with joy and breaks it, both with regularity.

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