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Midlife-Oasis 2.X

Once more this blog is transforming, morphing into yet another iteration. I've really enjoyed writing here, even it if was for a realtively small readership. Those of you who read are a loyal band of siblings, and I thank you. But my efforts will now be bent towards my new venture, my new business: VOCEMENTIUM. This is my speaking business. I wish to be a speaker for mental illness and suicide both in the Medical profession and in society as a whole. I can give keynote addresses or lead small group seminar-style sessions. The problem of mental illness and suicide will persist in our society because of the stigma and silence surrounding the issue. I believe the stigma and silence will persist until frank, open, visible conversation becomes the norm.

Please visit the site here:

The Oasis will still be here, but for now I will be applying most of my efforts to the new venture. I will still be writing (I still have that book I've been meaning to write); my intention is to continue blogging at Vocementium. But also I will be focusing new energy hoping to start a podcast. I figure if I'm designing a business to be a speaker, having a podcast where people can here me speak is a pretty good idea. I'll likely double post here and at, but the intention is to migrate all content ultimately to the new website. The Oasis isn't shutting down completely, but it's going to be like the one of those small forgotten towns made essentially a ghost town when a new shiny highway diverted traffic away from it. Midlife-Oasis is going the way of Route 66, supplanted by the information superhighway.

Enough of the road analogies. Please visit my new website,, and please keep visiting for what will be ongoing content about mental illness and suicide in our society.

Thanks for visiting!

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