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The 25 Year Itch

I just completed my 25th college reunion. While there we had many very interesting sessions led and put on by us alums. One such session was labeled "We Are Pivoting". It was a "Moth Radio Hour"-styled format with about ten of us giving five minute talks. Each talk was to describe how our lives had taken a significant, sharp, and in most cases, unexpected turn. I found it fascinating that at our 20th reunion we had a similar "Ted Talk"-style session where people gave short speeches about what they had accomplished or realized in the 20 years after graduation. It was an impressive display of achievement and insight. Fast forward five years, and now the theme was not so much about success or failure, but rather how much life had changed in directions we never imagined we'd travel. To me it seemed that this session about pivoting was ideally suited for the 25th reunion.Twenty years wasn't quite enough for us to realize that life sometimes needed a pivot. Twenty years and we were still focused on the prize. Five more years taught us that it wasn't always about prizes as it was process.

Well, when the reunion organizers asked for pivot stories, I figured my life's journey qualified.

If this link doesn't work here, please message me through the comments, and I'll email you. Also, later when I have a chance, I'll post a transcript of the speech.


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