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Well, I’ve hyped this up so that the reality is probably going to disappoint. But enough lead-up. Here goes:

I’m proud to announce the introduction of my new business:

Vocementium is my effort to be a speaker about mental illness. The concept of speaking about this subject is far from unique. I believe my story, my background, my openness, and my ability to engage an audience will add value to this crowded field. But I need your help. I’m asking you, my social media friends, for a favor. If you or anyone you know needs a speaker regarding mental illness, please contact me or have me contacted. Let me qualify the concept of “needs a speaker”. I can do any form of speaking, from keynote address to small group/round table discussions. My primary target audience would involve medicine or medical education, but I have already given talks to non-medical audiences. So if you, my social friends, or someone you know organizes talks, meetings, conferences, or classes, and you want a session on mental illness, I’m the speaker for you. Fees are VERY negotiable (meaning there are no set fees as of this moment).

My big ask is that anyone interested please contact me or put me in contact with anyone you know who might be interested. I greatly appreciate you in advance!

Oh, and also, stay tuned for a podcast that will come in the future. That’s still in the planning phase right now.

Finally, this announcement is also to say that this blog,, will soon no longer be active unless to announce things on my new website My intent is to post content on the new website either in the form of blogposts or podcasts. I want to thank those of you who have stuck by and read what I've posted. The feedback has been very valuable, and your responses have encouraged me to continue on.

Thanks everyone for reading/listening. Please visit my new website at

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