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Firmware Update: Midlife-Oasis v 2.0

Edit: This is just the intro to the website, so if you ever visit the home page, these exact words below will be there too. Sorry, I can only write so much at a time.

Indeed this is the re-boot of Midlife-Oasis. I guess my midlife crisis is having a midlife crisis. Oh don't worry. It's still just me rambling on about whatever comes out of my head. But gone are all of the musings (and fixations) on Failure. Gone is the analysis of anything and everything that's ever gone wrong in my life. (Well actually, there's still going to be some of that, but it's my blog and I'll complain about life if I want).

Instead let's talk about Mental Illness! (Oh SNAP! What a pivot!) Seriously, though, if you've kept up with my posts (and a slightly larger handful of you have-- Thanks!), then you'll know I have a new focus now. Namely to be open, brutally honest, no-holds-barred frank about living with mental illness, in my case Depression. However, it is NOT just a bunch of complaining about how bad life is; I've been trying to keep that to a minimum for what it's worth. It IS instead the current version of my life's purpose not only to describe my thoughts on mental illness, but to expose the dangers of untreated illness. Mental illness is a disease just like asthma or cancer, and just like those diseases, leaving them untreated can make them far more harmful, even deadly.

But unlike asthma or cancer, mental illness still hides in the shadows. Oh sure, some celebrities have been quite vocal about their struggles. But the ordinary Joe, Jane, or Jan may find it much harder to openly admit they have mental illness. Not that there aren't everyday people who talk about their disease. But I can tell you that for every one person willing to talk about their mental illness comes two who wish only to keep it hidden. Or worse yet, they don't admit even to themselves or simply just don't realize they're suffering from a disease. I'm a classic example. A fully trained physician and yet I could not recognize my own disease for literally decades. And even when the signs were all obvious, I refused to let myself believe let alone seek help.

So know that this blog may be a bit different, but then again, much will be the same. The same bitchy pessimism only now with new and improved flavor crystals! It will be a lot more about the Crazy, and less about the Fail. It's still quite striking to me whenever someone comes up to me and tells me they've really been enjoying the blog. Of course on the one hand I'm very flattered and grateful, so I say "Thank you." But on the other hand my mind thinks: "Oh, enjoying my blog huh? So you've enjoyed my descent and travels through insanity? Sick bastards all of you." (My mind has many opposing voices speaking simultaneously). But if you enjoy stories and insights from the land of Crazy, climb aboard. There's plenty of room in the back.

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