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A How-To Guide For Failure Blogs

Hopefully by now those of you following along have gotten a sense of where I'm going with this blog. I'm not here just to rattle a list of my failures, bitch about missed opportunities, or show videos of people falling down. Your responses have been very positive, encouraging and engaging. I'd say the interest is there, but I made it as clear as mud exactly how you could engage. I'd say failing to explain myself is pretty on-brand for a blog about failure.

So, here's what I had envisioned. On the TRADING POST page are categories of failure. They seem mostly self-explanatory, right? What I'm hoping for are for readers like you to tell your own stories of failure. They can be short or long, humorous or sad, inspiring or cautionary. As long as they are thoughtful they are all welcome currency at this Trading Post. So many of you have reached out and applauded this unique blog. And so many of you said, "Hey, maybe I'll write about some of my own failures." Well, now's your chance. YOU, yes YOU can make it truly fascinating by injecting your own thoughts, insights and stories. I'll keep blogging for sure (tales of failure? I got a million of 'em). But I would love to hear voices other than my own (believe me, I hear my voices plenty).

If you go to the TRADING POST you can click on any category. Scroll down and there is a catch-all category (Failure to Be Categorized). Whichever you choose, it will ask you to Join The Conversation. Clicking on the button will ask you to sign up as a member. This is an automatically required formality by the website host, which only requires a username (can be a pseudonym) and an email address. You'll automatically be approved as a member. After this you can write your entry and submit it. I will try to respond to you personally by email and/or in the "Comments" section.

Others can join in that conversation in said comments section and that is where it could get fun. I retain the right to moderate the conversation if it gets out of hand or if there is any inappropriate or abusive language. But seriously it's about engaging and discussing.

Now one of my greatest failures is an inability to say anything succinctly, proven by my rambling here. I do not expect long treatises, nor do you have to keep your word count under any number. Just write and discuss! Join in! You can't go back into the desert without getting supplies can you? You'll find it all at the Trading Post!

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