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How Bizarre, How Bazaar

So I recognize that maybe, just maybe, a blog dedicated to discussing Failure may not be the most enticing "Brand". I get that. Seems like it might be a bit of a downer, right? I mean, just look at my last post. But, what I’ve tried to demonstrate with some of my posts is that it does not all have to be doom and gloom. Nor does it have to have some great lesson or moral to the story. As I've said all along, it will hopefully generate thought and discussion. Openness, honesty, insight and most of all dialogue, these are what I hope to share with you.

However, different forms of failure may not always translate into tangible transactions (or “generate clicks” as the in-people say these days). So, I will continue to spew content and see what sticks. To that end, I wish to try something very different. (Prepare for a pivot. Brace for whiplash). Something random. Something strange. Well, it's downright absurd, really. My mind is always full of random useless things, and this is my blog. So at the risk of losing what little respect I've won from you, dear readers, I’m going to use my blog as my mind's clearing house. Gravitas, shmavitas, I always say.

Welcome to a little out-of-the-way section of the OASIS that I call the Bizarre Bazaar. Alas nothing is for sale here, just knick-knacks and curios on display. From the random corners of my brain to the inscrutable ether of the interwebs. This introduction will be its first exhibit. Expect much more randomness to come on a fairly random basis.

Without further ado, here is the first entry. Call it a little appetizer. It is an old Twitter thread of mine:

Now right away you see this fits the blog's theme: I failed to secure a sizable side of sockeye salmon from sliding sloppily to the floor. It also is a failure because the sketch itself is just terrible...or is it? What you see is the responding Boba Fett Twitterer demanded that I "Draw a sketch or it didn't happen." What you can't see is that the time-stamp on his response was 8:35pm. My sketch is completed and posted at 8:42 pm. Seven minute sketch, anyone? Why thank you don't mind if I do. Keep in mind this includes fetching the fallen fillet of fish from the floor. I even managed to clean up splattered fish bits (with some help from my dog) and get the fillet prepped for grilling.


Sometimes FAILURE should just be laughed at.

And laughing at it often means laughing at yourself. Then sharing it (self-portrait optional). If you stop laughing at yourself, the only thing left is crying or yelling at yourself.

That is not the ilk one should strive for because it can eventually consume you with rage. You'll never be at peace with yourself. And as they say (read it out loud, folks):

"There's no truce, trying over-filled ilk."

They won't always be this bad. I promise. Maybe...

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